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Welcome to the new era of Cloud based Accounting. Our sophisticated client portal represents a convenient and secure way to communicate with Reliance Consulting. The portal changes the way you see, obtain and share financial information and offers tremendous efficiencies in the process.

But wait there is more. The Reliance portal also allows you to move your office onto the cloud and carry on many of your important accounting and financial transactions at one secure location that is available on our website.

Take a moment to view the demo of the Reliance Portal (Click on the green arrow in the video screen to play)

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By utilizing advanced technology, the Reliance portal tilts work-life balance in your favor by freeing up your time to either devote to your family or work ON your business. Our portal is available for you 24/7/365 allowing you on-demand access to your accounting and tax documents. We can even create a private area on your portal to upload important documents (wills, trusts, closing statements, etc.) that will be available at your disposal. You no longer have to wait to receive that phone call, fax, or email with your attached documents. If you wish to send files to us, you can utilize File Exchange, a fully secure way of uploading documents at your convenience. By integrating the receipt and sending functions, the portal creates an advanced platform for you to communicate with Reliance.

The Reliance Portal will offer the following FREE features to you:

  • Document Presentation—Access to your financial documents
  • Tax Return Presentation—Access to electronic copies of your tax returns
  • 1040 Individual Client Web Organizer—A convenient way to organize tax information and provide it to Reliance via our website.
  • File Exchange—Allows sharing of working files and exchange information with us safely, securely, and conveniently via the web.
  • News & Information—Access to news and other information
  • Stock Quotes—An online ticker that displays continually updated information on stock market indexes or selected individual stocks.

If you choose to take your complete office into the cloud, our portal can facilitate hosting of QuickBooks and Microsoft Office*. QuickBooks on the cloud will enable you to collaborate with us in real-time without having to hassle with backups, file imports and exports and version compatibilities. Your financial statements will be available for you to view at any time in any place where you can find an internet connection. A summary of add-on optional features of the Reliance portal is as follows:

  • Hosted QuickBooks® Powered by Right Networks®
  • Microsoft® Office–Full, online versions of Microsoft Office are available, and include Microsoft Word, Excel®, Powerpoint®, and Outlook®.
  • Account Aggregation–Collects financial information from a variety of sources and allows viewing in a single location on the portal, making it easier to analyze your total financial holdings.
  • FileCabinet CS–The ideal choice for secure digital storage, File Cabinet CS allows you to instantly access, view, email, and fax documents. You save the time that you would have spent searching through file cabinets, and significantly reduce storage space needs, improve document security, and increase productivity and profitability.


Despite the sophisticated features and functionality of the Reliance Portal, the best part about using this technology is its ease of use. To access our portal, just visit our website and

  1. Click on the Client Login link at the top right
  2. Log-in using your personal ID and password
  3. Start using your state-of-the-art accounting and financial services


The Reliance Portal technology uses the same cutting edge technology that you currently use to conduct online banking and investing. Your portal data is stored in a Tier 4 Thomson Reuters data center, one of the largest and most secure data centers located in Eagan, Minnesota.

The Thomson Reuters data center has many important physical and application security features. Some of these features include:

  • Built in redundancies to create zero downtime
  • Secure password protection (256 bit encryption)
  • Daily data backup

Our goal at Reliance is to take your business into the 21st century. By utilizing the latest technologies, we are able to create more time for you. Time creates opportunities and ultimately opportunities create success. We truly believe that our success lies in yours and enabling you to get there makes our job that much more worthwhile.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please call or email us to setup your own private portal and you will be doing business in the cloud in no time.

*Quicbooks & Microsoft Office hosting can be provided on our cloud for a reasonable monthly fee.  Please contact us for details.

Client Portal Login

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