Govindaraju Rudrapatna, CPA Founder & Managing Partner

Govindaraju Rudrapatna, CPA, Founder & Managing PartnerR.G. Raju founded the firm in 1984 and has developed it into one of the most successful CPA firms in the Tampa Bay area serving over 600 businesses and 1000 individuals. Raju holds bachelors degrees in Accounting, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and a Masters Degree in Mathematics from Universities of Mysore and Bombay respectively. In addition, Raju spent 8 years in the United States Navy Reserve. Before starting the firm, Raju also spent over 10 years as a tax auditor for the state of Florida.

His unparalleled commitment to customer service for the past 25 years has won him clients from Miami to Seattle. If there could be an award for the most “caring” CPA in the world, Raju would win it every single year. His selfless and going above and beyond attitude has earned him loyal clients that have been with him since inception.

Raju has advised businesses both large and small and truly been an advocate for his clients over the last two and half decades. A true problem solver, he has the unique ability to analyze a situation and suggest practical and cost-effective alternatives that work. His quick solution finding ability is a result of his vast experience serving thousands of clients and encountering almost all conceivable tax and business issues.

Raju has served in leadership capacity with local organizations and has been a member of the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

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