A CPA in Tampa Discusses the Importance of Motivating Employees

Tampa CPAOne of the most important steps a business owner can take to ensure success is to devote a measure of time and energy to employee motivation. Why? Motivated employees are committed to the company’s well-being. They are more likely to stay put, rather than seek employment elsewhere. And properly motivated employees usually provide better customer service.

CPA in Tampa at Reliance Consulting, LLC is a valuable partner as you pursue your business goals, including the challenge of keeping employees happy and productive. While every employee responds differently to motivation techniques, there are a few guidelines that, in practice, have proven effective. At the top of the list: Remember that employees are human beings, with personal lives that will affect their job performance from time to time.

Other suggestions to build motivation among your employees include:

  • Encourage humor in the workplace – laugh and smile when appropriate
  • Acknowledge employee concerns and offer solutions
  • Provide praise often, even for small things
  • Seek privacy when things are going bad and you might do or say something you’ll regret
  • Be approachable and amenable to employee suggestions
  • Never belittle or embarrass an employee; offer constructive criticism instead

Contact your CPA in Tampa at Reliance Consulting for a free financial health checkup and to learn more about how a motivated workforce can help put your business on a path to profitability.

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